Lil Growers

Lil’ Growers began in 2018 as a way to get local children educated and excited about the watermelon growing process with the goal of creating a new generation of watermelon growers. This event’s popularity has grown quickly and has gotten grandparents, parents, and friends excited about helping their kids ages 1-14 grow watermelons in their backyards and fields. The rules are simple: sign up during the February registration and receive your packet of seeds, send in a picture March-June to show the progress, and show up Sunday of the Watermelon Thump (melon or no melon). On Sunday, under the big pavilion, we give awards for Growers Showmanship (based off the monthly pictures), Thumper’s Showmanship (best in show during weigh in), and to the 1st & 2nd heaviest melon in each age group. This event is FREE to register, participate, and watch!

Here are some pictures from our 2019 Lil Growers Watermelon Competition!